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Annual Residential Maintenance Plan

We're here so you don't spend thousands of dollars on home repairs that could have been prevented with our common-sense professional maintenance plan.


If you don't have the time, expertise, or tools to tackle the preventative maintenance needs of your home please give us a call.


Peace of Mind – MEHM Handyman Service initiates the calls to schedule your seasonal and special needs appointments for preventative and corrective maintenance.

Maintain Home Value – Halting any deterioration of your home, indoors and out, will help maintain the value of your home.

Improved Quality of Life – A well-maintained home is more energy-efficient and less likely to have mold & mildew buildup and has less chance of causing illnesses.

Reduced Home Repair Costs – Keeping your home well-maintained means you will spend $ now instead of $$$$ later.


Customer Info:

Full Name ______________________________________________________________________________________


Home Street Address  __________________________________________________________________________


City ______________________________________ State __________________ Zip ___________________________


Phone Number __________________________ Email address ________________________________________


Choose a Plan:

___  Up to 2500 Square Foot Home:   $95/month


___  Over  2500 Square Foot Home:   $125/month

Your Plan Includes:

• Spring Visit (Feb-Mar) - See Services & Inspections below (1-2 hours)

• Fall Visit (Aug-Sep): See Services & Inspections below (1-2 hours)

• Four hours of additional handyman services (which can be used in 1-4 hour increments, on multiple days if needed)

Services Included:

• Inspect & change the HVAC filter. Standard filters included.

• Inspect & clean gutters and downspouts (single-story homes)

• Inspect and repair minor drywall dings & small holes

• Tighten exterior door hardware

• Adjust and clean vents

• Clean dryer vent and back of the dryer

• Replace batteries on smoke & CO detectors (batteries included)

• Replace indoor & outdoor light bulbs as needed

• Clean aerators on faucets

• Tighten any handles, knobs, towel racks, etc.

• Evaluate anything that could have a loose screw

Inspections Included:



• Rotted wood, siding, trim, decks, window frames, etc.

• Paint Condition

• Gutters & Downspouts

• Masonry

• Caulking around doors & windows

• Roof condition

• Doors - operational

• Check decks & patios for loose nails/railings


• Backsplash caulk

• Cabinet door alignment

• GFI outlets

• Faucet/side sprayer working

• Countertop sealing/gaps

• Appliances

• Drawer glides, hardware



• Caulking in shower

• Caulking on backsplash

• Water pressure - shower & sink

• Toilet - components/running

• GFI outlets present

• Cabinet doors & hardware

• Countertop sealing

• Accessories attached/replace

• Plumbing fixtures operating


• Functionality of front door

• Functionality of rear & side doors

• Functionality of garage entry door

• Functionality of interior doors

• Caulking at moldings

• Interior cabinetry alignment

• Washing machine supply & dryer vent

• Light bulbs to replace

• Miscellaneous repairs

• Check window locks

• Check GFI outlets

NOTE: MEHM cannot and does not guarantee against future damages or failures after the home inspection.

Additional Benefits:

Priority Scheduling: Service Plan members receive priority scheduling for additional handyman services.


Contact our office with any scheduling questions. Upon acceptance, we will schedule a mutually agreed-upon date for your first visit. 

Terms and Conditions:


This agreement is with MEHM Handyman Services (hereafter referred to as MEHM)

Pricing & Renewal - Pricing is based on the square footage of your home. Materials are not included except where indicated on the checklists. This contract applies to a single home only, at the address listed on this contract. Service hours must be used during the same calendar year as covered in the agreement. Standard working hours included (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Mon - Fri). Call-out or overtime not included. After-hour services are available but come with an additional fee.

This agreement will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis until the customer makes MEHM aware they are declining our services in writing. MEHM reserves the right to make changes at renewal.


Cancellation Policy - The agreement may be canceled with 30 days' written notice at any time. If you would like to cancel your service plan, please let MEHM know so we can send you a final invoice for all the services rendered.


Payments – Depending on the plan chosen, the customer will pay the first full month at signing. Monthly payments are due each month on the same day as the contract was signed. Cash, Credit Cards, Venmo, Cash App, and personal checks are accepted.


Warranty - Materials supplied by MEHM may include a manufacturer’s warranty. Labor on the installation of materials supplied by MEHM is warrantied for a period of one full year against improper installation.

Hazardous Material - The determination of the presence of any hazardous material or pollutants (i.e. asbestos, molds, acids, etc., excluding lead in pre-1978 houses) is solely the responsibility of the building owner. MEHM has not made and is not required to make any determination of whether the premises contain or are free of hazardous material or pollutants. The owner (building owner) warrants and represents that hazardous materials or pollutants are not present in the area to be disturbed by any construction project.

1. Should hazardous material or pollutants, excluding lead in pre-1978 houses, be discovered at any time, it will be the building owner’s responsibility to:

a. provide any and all testing;

b. have material properly removed and disposed of;

c. hold harmless MEHM and any subcontractors from any liability relating to clean up expense, personal injury, or property loss;

d. pay MEHM for any and all work completed as of the time of discovery, and indemnify the contractor for any injuries or damages incurred by contractor as a result of said hazardous material or pollutants. The owner is responsible for the condition of the structure and the existing materials contained therein. If any of the existing materials in the structure contain any hazardous material (as defined by the EPA) or pollutants (as defined by the contractor’s general liability insurance policy), the Owner agrees to indemnify and hold the contractor, and any subcontractor or vendor of the contractor, harmless for any damages incurred by Owner, contractor or any third party as a result of any such hazardous materials/pollutants during the performance of this Agreement.

Legal Fees - If MEHM engages in legal counsel to enforce any terms or conditions of the contract documents, the initiation of any arbitration or legal proceedings, the prevailing party shall be entitled to prompt payment and reimbursement in full from all of its attorney’s fees and costs.


Finishes – MEHM shall use best efforts to match existing finishes and materials. However, an exact match is not guaranteed due to such factors as discoloration from aging, a difference in dye lots, and the difficulty of exactly matching certain finishes, colors, and surfaces. Unless stated otherwise, there is no allowance for matching non-standard moldings or other materials.


Materials - Additional time and materials not included in this proposal will be charged in addition to this contract. - Necessary parts not provided by the customer, or parts unacceptable for installation by the customer due to safety concerns or quality concerns, will be provided by MEHM for installation at an additional charge. The customer is welcome to provide a secondary product or part. Special equipment (i.e. scaffolding, lifts, etc.) is not included.

_________________________________________________                                          ______________

CUSTOMER APPROVAL                                                                                      DATE


_________________________________________________                                          ______________

MEHM HANDYMAN SERVICES AUTHORIZATION                                           DATE



By signing above you agree to the terms and conditions presented in this agreement. You also certify that you are the homeowner and/or are authorized to hire professional service companies for maintenance for the home at the address listed above.

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